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Sunrun and Ford Partnership?

Check out details here:

So, it doesn't look like there is a huge benefit to this partnership. I will find out more tomorrow. I bit the bullet and filled out the form for contact. The average person STILL can't get a Lightning, so it doesn't matter if they have a killer partnership. The marketing teams of both companies probably joined forces over a decaf-oatmilk-vente-latte and said "hey, let's roll with a #sunrunford campaign! I can hear the Ford guy saying "sure, #fordsunrun ! They can add this very productive partnership to their weekly meeting notes when the boss says "why do I pay you guys?"

I also went so far as to contact with no reply. I did get a very nice call from Charles Holden at who shared my concerns and frustrations. He was very nice and professional, and shared the new direction Ford is taking. His dealership only received 6 Lightnings in this year's allotment, so he has none for me. Nice to get a call back though!


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