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Game Changer - The New GOAT for Electric Vehicles!

I got my 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro. I waited two years and got the call from Santa Maria Ford that it was here. I texted my wife to say I need her to give me a ride to the dealership and it was all ready. Ivan, Rudy, Jesse and the whole gang were there to greet us.

I already had the charger installed, but the truck barely fit in the garage! I removed some shelves to make it fit.

I had to sell my Pop's 2003 F-250 to pay for this one, but it had the Triton V-10 and got 10 miles per gallon! Solid truck for 20 years, and still got almost $13k for it. Aside from the peeling paint, it's perfect.

I picked up groceries the next day and am still getting used to the frunk!

I got the tow package and was blown away at the trailer assist! The truck figured out that I was hooking up to a trailer and asked me if I wanted help. Of course! The screen said take your hands off the wheel, don't touch the pedals and hold the button. It shifted into reverse, backed up while showing the hitch and ball on the screen, then glowed green and shifted into park. DONE. I thought bullshit. It is not lined up. I went back and sure enough. The hitch was right above the ball. Towing does reduce your range, but I have yet to test it.

Overall, this is the most impressive vehicle I have ever bought. I drove 250 miles yesterday (Mother's Day) and loved every minute of it. I hooked up to a fast charger mid way, and it added 85 miles in the time it took us to get Starbucks and walk the mall. Obviously Cooper likes it!

Here it is at Rancho Sisquoc Winery


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