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Big Update...Mine is On the Way!

I know, I know, I know. It has been months since my last blog post. Honestly I didn't think I would be able to get a Ford Lightning. After my last blog post, I received a text from Ford and they said they would honor the MSRP from the time I made a reservation. This blew me away because knew they did not have to do it. The text also said I needed to place an order right away. I went ahead and logged in and configured my order and added another $500 to the deposit. I still didn't think it was real when I got a confirmation from the local dealership, Santa Maria Ford. I feel like a little kid that wanted a pony but never expected it. I woke up Christmas morning to find a full-size horse.

The estimated delivery date was November of 2023, which is fine because I need to save up some money... Fast.

I guess the gestation period for an F-150 lightning is around a year. Today I opened up my email that said the truck I ordered was scheduled for production!

Not only is my truck coming probably March of 2023, but it is coming 8 months early. I reactivated the website, did a little bit of work on the reviews and videos page, and am posting this update. Now that it looks like I will get the truck of my dreams, I will cancel my reservation for the Chevy EV and sell some stuff so that I can pay cash. Anybody want to buy a 2003 Ford F-250?


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