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5-20-2021 - I Ordered Day One

I saw the press release and watched with anticipation the first test drive. It was time, so I bit the bullet and placed a reservation. First, a bit about me and my current stable of Fords.

The author and his 1965 straight-6 project

At one point I had my '65 and a '66 project with a 289

My current 2012 F-150 with my helper "Cooper"

This E-450 is where we live in the summer. Perks of being teachers!

So I have three Fords right now, but I have 130,000 or so on my 2012 work truck. I manage 3 rental properties and when I saw the Pro model, that would work. I beat up my trucks a bit (it is a truck!), so I don't need anything fancy. I figured if I ordered on day one, I would stand a pretty good chance of getting one. Wrong. I plopped down my $100 on Thursday, May 20, 2021, 1:38 PM. I got an email and contact from my dealer right away!

"Congratulations, Ron!

We received your reservation* and deposit payment for an exciting new 20‌22 F‑150 Lightning. You’re that much closer to taking the wheel of the smartest F‑150 yet.


Vehicle: F‑150 Lightning

Date Reservation Placed: 05/20/2021

Reservation ID Number: 1087xxxx

Your Ford Dealer: Santa Maria Ford

Deposit Payment Value: $100

Deposit Card Type: VISA

Deposit Card Number (last four digits): xxxx

You can log in to your Ford Account for the latest info on your vehicle."

I also got an email from my local dealer the same day...

"Hi Ron,

Thank you for your internet purchase request on a 2022 ford F-150 Lightning. I'll contact you shortly to discuss trim levels and available options that will best meet your needs, wants and desires.

As a consumer myself, I always want my final decision to be made with 100% certainty. Whether by phone, email or text, I'll be happy to answer questions about current incentives and internet value pricing.

Most people find that a short 5 minutes phone call is better than back and forth emails, and the quickest way to get the information you want.

What is the best number to reach you at?

Click here for: Santa Maria Ford Lincoln Location

Thanks again for your inquiry and consideration,

Rudy Ramirez

Sales Consultant"


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