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My name is Ron Lovell and I have a property management company. I also build websites on the side, and own three Fords right now. My daily driver is a 2012 Ford F150 and I love it. Like most of you, when I heard about the 2022 F-150 Lightning, I read as much as I could about the new truck that was coming. On March 20th 2021, I was one of the first to get a reservation for a new Ford lightning. I plopped down my $100 deposit and was immediately contacted by Santa Maria Ford. I read as many articles as I could about the upcoming truck and the status of my order. For my property management company, I don't drive long distances, but I need a work truck for hauling equipment, landscaping supplies, and building materials. I decided to start this website so people could find out more information easily about the truck. This website is not intended to make money, only to provide unbiased information about my experience and the dissemination of articles and videos about the truck. There's a really long disclaimer to make sure I do not misrepresent this website, and people who use this website don't misuse the information. I will add more content as I have time, including a blog so that other users may share their experiences as we get closer to delivery of the vehicles. 

If you were lucky enough to reserve a 2022 F-150 Lightning, you should have received a similar confirmation. Read my story to hear what happens next. 

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